Forest Schools


Forest School is outdoor education where the children visit the forest area behind Nursery building. 

Please click the link to read our Forest School handbook: Forest School Handbook

Forest School is “an inspirational process that offers children opportunities to achieve and develop confidence through hands-on learning in a woodland environment”.

During Forest School sessions children learn many different skills, including how to recognise specific plants and animals, teamwork and problem solving.  Forest School sessions can also help to develop skills across the curriculum, for example, counting natural objects to develop skills in maths.

The combination of freedom and responsibility has been shown to benefit
children who lack confidence or whose behaviour can be

With staff who hold Forest School qualifications, children can safely experience activities that they may not usually have access to, such as lighting fires.  Children have the freedom to explore the area within the forest and this helps the child to learn to manage their own safety and move around comfortably.
The programme allows children to 
grow in confidence and independence and extend their abilities.

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