Our Pets

Rocky and Fudge

We are thrilled to have two lovely guinea pigs at Hendre Infants.  Rocky and Fudge came to us in the beginning of November 2016.  The children all had a vote on what to call them.  All the children have time with Rocky and Fudge.

Each day they visit a different class, the children look after Rocky and Fudge, with lots of cuddles and caring for them.

g pigs.jpg


In May 2018 we added another pet to the Hendre Infants family. Thumper the rabbit has settled in really well and loves spending time with our children. 

Buzz and Woody

In October 2019, two fast, furry friends joined the Hendre family!  The gerbils arrived and the children used Google Forms on Hwb to vote for their names.  The winning names were Woody and Buzz.

During the holidays all of our pets stay with staff members and have a holiday of their own.