Healthy Schools


At Hendre Infants we are very proud to be involved in the Caerphilly Healthy Schools scheme.  Altogether there are six ‘Healthy Schools’ awards that schools can achieve. 

We are very proud to have achieved all six ‘Healthy Schools’ awards, which you can see on display in our school foyer.


We were thrilled to achieve the National Quality Award for Healthy Schools in June 2018.  We were the 12th school in the whole of Caerphilly to have gained this prestigious award.  Two Assessors visited our school for two whole days to inspect all of the Healthy Schools work we do and to meet children, staff, parents and Governors.  The Assessors were extremely impressed with the community involvement, helping to keep our children healthy, and so we would like to say a HUGE thank you for everyone’s help in achieving this award.  We know that our children make healthy choices in many different aspects of their lives.

You can read the full NQA report here: NQA Report Hendre Infants

Tips for a healthy packed lunch

 We really appreciate your support with helping our school become a ‘Healthy School’.