Healthy Schools


At Hendre Infants we are very proud to be involved in the Caerphilly Healthy Schools scheme.  Altogether there are six ‘Healthy Schools’ awards that schools can achieve. 

An assessor comes to visit when we feel we have collected enough evidence and they decide if we can be given the next award. 

So far, we have achieved five of the leaf-shape ‘Healthy Schools’ awards, which you can see on the wall in the school hall, next to the ‘Healthy Schools’ wall display

          healthy school plaque.jpg

We were awarded the fifth award on 11th May 2017.  The fifth award could only be given when we collected enough evidence and so thank you for everyone’s help in making sure that all our children eat healthy snacks and lunches. We know that our school dinners    are healthy and now children have packed lunches that are nutritious and filled with healthy choices. 

Tips for a healthy packed lunch

 We really appreciate your support with helping our school become a ‘Healthy School’.



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