Our Staff

Headteacher – Mrs Brett-Harris
Deputy Headteacher – Mrs Haggett

Nursery – Mrs Slade, Mrs Davies and Miss Briggs

Dosbarth Hedgehogs – Miss Stow and Miss Pugh

Dosbarth Rabbits – Mrs Kelly, Ms Pole and Miss Jenkins

Dosbarth Owls – Miss Payne and Mrs T

Dosbarth Foxes – Mrs Haggett, Mrs Bates and Mrs Ryall

Dosbarth Deer – Mrs Brake, Ms Pole, Mrs Bates and Mrs Ryall.  Mrs Jones is also in our class.

Staff on Maternity Leave – Miss Payne

Caretaker – Mr Roberts
Clerk – Mrs Marshman
Midday Supervisors – Mrs White, Mrs Burch, Mrs Hackney
Cook – Wendy

Education Welfare Officer – Belinda Pewtner
Health and Safety Officer – Emma Edwards
Police School Liaison Officer – PC Paul Madley
School Nurse – Mrs N Pugh
Healthy Schools Officer – Carin Quinn