School Motto, Aims and Rules

School Motto, Aims and Rules

 School Motto: ‘Nurture, Believe, Achieve’

School Aims:

The Staff and Governors of Hendre Infant School believe that every child matters. 

We aim to:

Provide a positive environment and a happy school, where pupils are sensitively cared for in all aspects.

Provide a balanced, inspiring and fun curriculum, which is supportive, challenging and relevant to all children whilst utilising advances in technological development.

Develop confident, thoughtful individuals who take ownership of their learning, persevere in order to succeed and feel proud of their achievements.

Stimulate every child’s mind by creating an environment promoting the desire to question and investigate.

Involve parents actively in school life, forming committed partnerships locally, nationally including the global community;

Encourage respect and sensitivity for the needs of others, creating equal opportunities, regardless of gender, belief and ethnic background, intellectual or physical abilities;

We want our children to smile, be happy, be safe and be the best they can be.

The Golden School Rules

            1: Keep hands, feet, objects and unkind words to yourself.

            2: Keep working until your task is finished.

            3: Do as the teacher asks first time.

            4: Always walk around the school.

            5: Use the right voice.